Teo Guan Lee Corporation Berhad

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Teo Guan Lee began as a small enterprise dealing in general merchandise way back in 1934.

Over the last several decades it has evolved into a group comprising of several companies manufacturing, distributing and retailing in branded apparels in major departmental stores throughout West and East Malaysia.

TGL was listed on Bursa Malaysia in October 1994.


TGL is operating from 2 offices, its headquarters situated in Prai, Penang and another office situated in Kuala Lumpur.

To date, TGL employs over 600 employees and has over 400 consignment outlets in major departmental stores and 9 boutiques in major shopping malls in urban areas.

Moving Forward

We will continue our quest to become a major force in the retailing of branded baby & children apparels in Malaysia.

The Company will continue to strengthen its position by upgrading its Brand image and improving the quality and design of its products.

Ongoing expansion plans include opening of new stores in strategic locations and development of new brands and product ranges.